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India's Aquaconnect teams with UK professor, Dutch group on using AI to predict shrimp diseases

31 Dec 2019

Indian aqua-tech firm Aquaconnect is partnering with a Dutch sustainable trade group and a UK university professor in a project to predict shrimp diseases by using artificial intelligence (AI).
Aquaconnect, which has just raised $1.1 million to finance its growth, is teaming with IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative, and Kenton Morgan of Liverpool Univesity on the AI project, which aims to benefit 13,000 hectares of farm area in India in the next two years.
Aquaconnect aims to enhance its "FarmMOJO" disease prediction model by using aquatic epidemiology, provided by Morgan. Aquaconnect’s Farm MOJO mobile app uses machine learning technology to analyze feed and growth patterns in relation to animal health. The app provides insight to the farmers and suggests appropriate advice for better disease management. 
"We are excited to partner with IDH and professor Kenton Morgan on pioneering the machine learning efforts in shrimp epidemiology studies to help the Indian farmers to mitigate the risks due to diseases and support long term sustainability of this industry," said Raj Rajamanohar, CEO of Aquaconnect, in a statement. 
IDH's aquaculture program aims to link aquatic epidemiology to the sector. IDH supports and pilots the linkage in several geographies to tackle feed and disease issues.
"Shrimp farming practices and environment change continuously, and these changes can affect disease occurrence in complex and unpredictable ways. Integrating epidemiological tools into Aquaconnect’s farm management app will allow farmers to benefit from Artificial Intelligence in their efforts to understand, predict and prevent diseases," said Flavio Corsin, the program director aquaculture at IDH.

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