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Fish Exchange

The necessity to uplift Indian marine product trade brought to light the idea to build portal that will facilitate trade and provide market analysis and statistics.Fish Exchange is the brainchild of MPEDA, Government of India, that shapes up to be that desired trade facilitation portal. Traders require a common forum for discussion, gathering information, viewing trends and knowing the right places to go for their business. Marine product exporters registered under MPEDA will be given access to many digital facilities that were obscure till recently. Exporters can post their available products and offers, receive buying enquiry alerts, check out the latest trade statistics and plan their trade.

The basic concept of the functionalities of the portal revolve around market and trade statistics. All the data may be filtered and viewed through reports based on selected pivotal parameters including year/period of reporting, country or region, product name or category and the trade flow. Exporters and Importers alike will have access to the data analytics and market intelligence features of the portal. Access to global trade statistics is a major eye-catcher that will include the global total import and export quantities and values, the production amounts, most in demand products in the market, and the leading importing, exporting and producing countries in the world. The portal will have primary focus on India’s performance in marine trade on the global stage. Each module will represent a comparative analysis of India’s statistics to other performers of the globe to give a clear idea where India stands. Reliable data sources like UN Comtrade, WTO, DGCIS and a few others have been referred to retrieve and display the accurate and most updated data. Traders will get to know the various Sanitary or Phytosanitary regulations, Trade Barriers, MRLs, Import and Export Regulations, Quality Standards directives and all official marine trade related notifications, not only for India, but for as many countries in the globe as can be retrieved. Thy will know of the upcoming events and trade fairs, view the trending market price and get an idea of the exporting companies from the updated exporter’s directory. Check out the best products and offers available in market. The portal will be a division to allow exporters and importers to interact with each other freely through e-mail or some other media.Fish Exchange provides the opportunity to gather all trade criteria and queries under a single roof where traders can venture and plan their commerce and business better using the power of technology.