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Fish business still profitable in Tripura, can help state achieving self-sufficiency: Fish producers

14 Dec 2019

Tripura can take huge strides towards economic self-sufficiency through pisciculture and allied business, feel the fish producers gathered at State Level Fish Festival which is currently underway.
Fish business is still profitable, says Biswajit Majumder, a successful fish farmer participating in the fest. Majumdar has already sold his produce worth Rs 22,050
and today is only the first day of the festival.
"I have made maximum profit today as there are no middlemen here," he said standing in front of his stall at Hapaniya International Fair Ground.
"It is important that one starts with fish production and the success may come automatically," he opines.
He is selling fish pakora, honey, mustered oil and mustered cake in his stall.
"It is possible to earn good amount of money after starting fish business as people prefer local fish cultivated in lakes and ponds over fish imported from other states," points out Majumdar.
"An unemployed youth can start this business in order to attain economic independence and prosperity," he adds.
Several fishermen from different parts of the state have come here at Hapaniya to attend the state level fish festival.
Representative of fishery college and animal husbandry department are attending the event.
Owners of aquarium business are also doing brisk business. Most of them have received advance payment for aquarium. Minimum advance for an aquarium is Rs. 2020, an aquarium seller said.
The state Fishery Department has accepted in Economic Review of Tripura that there is tremendous potential of available aqua resources in the state.
It said the local production of fish is expected to meet only 20.00 Kg against actual per capita fish consumption demand of 23.48 kg at the end of 2018-19.
Further, other factors like population growth, rising incomes, urbanization and improved marketing distribution channels have raised fish demand.
The Fishery Department has taken up initiatives to bridge the demand and supply gap from local sources, through the local sources, in the coming years through implementation of various schemes and initiatives in the State. State Level Fish Festival is one such initiative.

Source: United News of India

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