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Fish species discovered in Meghalaya

30 Nov 2019

A fish species has been discovered in Meghalaya's West Khasi Hills district, officials said on Saturday. 
The fish species, that has a scientific name Schistura syngkai, was discovered at Twahdidoh stream, a tributary of Wahblei river, by a team of scientists led by Prof Khlur Mukhim of Shillong's Lady Keane College, they said. 
Mukhim said both sexes of the fish have golden-brown bodies with blackish lateral stripes and slightly emarginate tail fins. 
The specimens of the fish have been sent to Zoological Survey of India in Kolkata and Gauhati University Museum of Fishes in Guwahati, he said. 
Mukhim had earlier discovered a blind fish species that lives 1,600 feet inside a limestone cave in East Jaintia Hills district of the state.

Source: Times of India

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