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Assam: Bio floc fish farming unit set up in Dibrugarh

15 Oct 2019

Bio floc fish farming unit was set up at Lahowal in eastern Assam’s Dibrugarh on Monday.
This is the first unit in Assam.
Bio flock fish farming is a new concept of growing fish in controlled atmosphere.
Under the initiative of Suresh Varma, chairman of Assam plastic industry the unit was set up.
Assam plastic industry with the help of fishery department a training session was held.
Suresh Varma said that the Bio floc fish farming technology can solve the unemployment problem in Assam.
“This concept if successfully undertaken will help to grow good quantity of organic fish,” said Varma.
This is a new concept taking ground in India during the last few months, he added.
“This is an Israeli technology with lot of units in Indonesia,” he informed.
“In India the social media is full of stories training programme and other inputs on this subject,” he also said.
“In Assam and the northeastern region this concept is also picking up slowly but there is no proper an authentic set up for such new technology,” Varma added.
Assam plastic industry has started producing this plastic fish tank and is the only such unit in the entire northeastern region to do so.
The company had also tied up with experience professionals to provide training and support to local unemployed youth for setting up such project.
Nitish Jha, an expert from Bihar shared his experience for setting up of bio floc fish farming unit.
He said that after setting up of unit one can solve the unemployment problem.
“It is an Israel based technology. Without digging pond one can harvest fish farming but in some area water crisis is growing and pollution has been growing. So, this new concept will give a impetus to the society,” Jha said.
Bio floc technology is a technique of enhancing water quality in acqua culture through balancing carbon and nitrogen in the system.
The technology has recently gained attention as a sustainable method to control water quality, with the added value of producing proteinaceous feed.
Jha praised Suresh Varma for bringing the technology to Assam for helping the unemployed youths.
“Without digging pond, one can start fish farming with the help of this technology. Many are doing this technology in India and earning money through this new concept,“Jha said.
Jha said in coming days Assam plastic industry will organize training programme for the people who are interested to start the bio floc fish farming tank.
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