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Indian exporters seek black tiger push ahead of Tokyo Olympics

07 Mar 2019

The Indian seafood exporters association is hoping that the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020 will see a significant boost in the country's shrimp exports to Japan, reports The Hindu Business Line.
Indian seafood exports to Japan have shrunk to 40% of their total from seven years ago according to the article, which attributes the decline to Japan's stringent quality standards relative to more relaxed markets such as the US.
Business Line also points to the dominance of Vannamei on India's shrimp exports, despite Japan's far stronger demand for black tiger shrimp.
KS Srinivas, Chairman of India's Marine Products Development Authority (MPEDA), said he expects Japan to enter a boom in seafood consumption ahead of next years Olympic Games in Tokyo.
As a result, MPEDA is promoting an increase in supply of black tiger shrimp from farms in West Bengal, Kerala and Karnataka.
Furthermore, MPEDA said there would be a good scope for Indian shrimp in Japan if the country can introduce better limits on antibiotic contamination by providing third-party certification -- such as providing the Best Aquaculture Practices standard from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council.
According to the article, Indian exports to Japan from 2017-18 came to $445 million, with frozen shrimp making up $334m of this value.

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