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Panchayats Department to lend helping hand to fish cultivators

02 Mar 2019

Fish production is a profession intimately connected with the rural population of the State. 
In  going with this fact, the Panchayats and Rural Development Department  has decided to lend a helping hand in fish production, and thus  complement the remarkable efforts of the Fisheries Department.  
For  this, the department has decided to take series of measures, which  would be implemented gradually. Included are aspects related to both  fish cultivation and infrastructural developments to increase fish  production.
The primary measures adopted include creating a  category of experts called ‘Meen Mitras’, who would act as  representatives of the government in advising fish cultivators on all  aspects of their profession, building eco-hatcheries for production of  hatchlings, supplying solar dryers to self-help groups involved in fish  drying (dry fish is both consumed domestically and exported) and  ice  machines to these groups for making ice used in preserving fish. 
These  apart, measures are helping in building small cold storage rooms,   supplying mopeds with insulated boxes on subsidy, for supplying fish to  markets and creating literature in Bengali and other languages for  educating people of modern methods of fish cultivation, and distributing  the books as well. 

Source: United News of India

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