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Local fish can’t meet actual per capita fish consumption demand in Tripura: Report

30 Nov 2018

Tripura fishery department has published a report that there is tremendous potential of available aqua resources in the state but the local production of fish can meet only 18.91 kg against actual per capita fish consumption demand of 22.28 kg.

There is huge deficit in fish production and the local fish can’t meet actual per capita fish consumption demand in Tripura. The fishery department informed that the fish remains an important favored food commodity as well as provides a great source of nutrition, income and livelihoods for nearly one lakh eighty two thousand people in Tripura. Fish being an important constituent of daily diet of more than 95 per cent of its populace, the role played by fisheries department towards meeting the food security of State’s population is significant.

The per capita consumption of fish in the State is reported to be highest among the Inland States of the country. The State has made considerable achievements with regard to carp seed production. Presently, Tripura is surplus in fish seed production. This is the first state in the North East, rather one of the very few land locked States of the country, to produce seed of fresh water prawn in artificial sea water on a commercial scale, informed by the department of fisheries.

 The other factors have also influenced to raise consumption demand of fish due to population growth, rising incomes, urbanization and improved marketing distribution channels. Thus, the department has given much emphasis to reduce the gap between consumption demand and local production and to fulfill the consumption requirement of fish in coming years for its populace through implementation of various schemes in the State.

According to report, published by the Government of Tripura that there are one hundred forty three fishermen co-operative societies including one apex co-operative societies associated with fisheries activity. State department is providing technical and financial support to the less privileged societies to promote the growth of fish production as well as better income. Although there are many co-operatives but the people of Tripura still sufferer.

Source: United News of India

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