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Andhra Pradesh - Aquaculture plays vital role in state economy

08 Mar 2018

Andhra Pradesh is achieving rapid progress in aquaculture with vast potential for the development of fish and prawn cultivation and sea food production. 

The fish and prawn production has 6.4 per cent share in the Gross State Domestic Production (GSDP) and providing livelihood to 14.5 lakh population.  

Agriculture Minister Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy, while presenting the state Agriculture budget for the year 2018-19 in the Assembly on Thursday, gave the details of the growth of fish and aquaculture and its contribution to the economy of Andhra Pradesh During the year 2017-18. 

The Government had set the target of 33.84 lakh tonnes of fish and prawn production with GVA (Gross Value Added) of Rs.42,110 crore (constant prices). The production growth rate is estimated at 22.35 per cent and growth of GVA is 35.65 per cent.

Up to December 2017, the fish and prawn production achieved 27.49 lakh tonnes with GVA of Rs.34,041 crore (constant prices).  During the year 2017-18, the State government had set the target of producing 33.84 lakh tonnes of fish and prawns with GVA of Rs.42,110 crore with growth rate of 22.35 per cent on production and 35.65 per cent on GVA.

The government had proposed budget of Rs.386 crore for the fisheries in the year 2018-19. Out of which Rs.366 crore is proposed under revenue expenditure and Rs.20 crore is proposed under capital expenditure.

Andhra Pradesh has a coast line of 970 km with vast scope for production of fish, prawn and other sea products. Keeping in view of huge demand for sea food in the international market, the state government is promoting the best practices like simplifying the procedures for registration of aqua farms through Mee-seva, permitting aquaculture in DKT lands, cluster approach and continuous awareness campaign at the primary producer level in the existing 181 aqua clusters covering 1.27 lakh hectares areas.

The minister said the government is installing disease diagnostic labs, promoting two stage (nursery and grow-out phases) culture practices which are more efficient and cost effective. 

On farm demonstrations in Chandranna Aqua Rytu Kshetralu (CARKs) with latest technological interventions are very useful for the growth of aqua sector in the state.

In order to boost the aqua production, the State government had sanctioned Rs.210 crore for fisheries development schemes in the year 2016-17. Out of which Rs.161 crore incurred as expenditure up to December 2017.

Besides, the government is investing funds to promote sea-weed culture, open-sea cage culture and deep sea fishing. Besides, the government is developing fishing harbours, fish landing centres in marine sector.

Andhra Pradesh has lion's share in the sea food exports from our country with 45 per cent share in the year 2016-17. Sea food worth Rs.17,000 crore was exported from the state in the year 2016-17 against the total exports of worth Rs.37,871 crore from India.



Source: The Hans India

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