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MPEDA to storm market with instant foods, snacks

08 Nov 2017

The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) is planning to release instant foods and seafood snacks into the market soon. The move is proposed to promote marine products in the country.

The MPEDA is exporting different varieties of products including shrimp, crab, shell fish, lobster and other aquatic species. In 2016-17, marine products valued about $ 5777.61 were exported and is planning to increase the exports by $ 10 billion by 2022. Of the total exports, AP contributed 63% of shrimp.


Good demand


“We are drawing up strategies to enhance the area of cultivation along the sea coast and capture the market potential. More aqua farmers will be encouraged into aquaculture to boost up the overseas exports”, MPEDA all India Director (Marketing) T. Dola Shankar, who visited Andhra Pradesh recently, told The Hindu.

Just like the noodles and snacks of other various national and international companies available in the market, MPEDA is planning to release instant seafood and snacks with fishery and shrimp products with an attractive brand name. “We are searching for the brand name,” he said.“The snacks will be available in all food stalls, bakeries, hotels and eateries and pan shops across India. MPEDA’s instant foods can be preserved up to some days and will be available for the public at bus, railway stations and airports. During seafood expos we sold our baked products, which have a good demand,” Mr. Shankar said..“We are exporting marine products to the US, the European Union, Southeast Asian Countries and we are making plans to increasing marketing in the Middle East. Our target is to push more young farmers into aquaculture and explain the people on protein values and vitamins available in fish, shrimp and other seafood products, which are good for health,” the Director said.

Source: The Hindu

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