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Bengal Govt to boost fish exports from the State

16 Jan 2020

With an aim to fulfil the huge demand of fish lovers across the country the West Bengal Fisheries Department has decided to use the platform of three-day 'Bengal Fish Fest'.
A large number of Bengalis have settled in different places across the country, and fish is something that they miss on their food menu.
On the other hand, Bengal now produces enough fish, he said, courtesy the huge efforts put in by the Trinamool Congress government over the last eight years.
Combining these two factors, the government has put in place a plan.
Discussions will be held with exporters to enable fish cultivated in the State's water bodies to be processed and sent to fish lovers residing in other States.
Some of the target cities are Bengaluru, Delhi and Hyderabad, home to many Bengalis.
The State Government has produced 14.359 lakh tonnes of fish through cultivation in water bodies spread across 3,45,817 hectares in FY 2018-19. 

Source: United News of India

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