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India exports to China touch $12.7 billion in Apr-Dec

09 Feb 2019

India's exports to China has reached $12.7 billion during April-December 2018 on account of growth in shipments of marine products, chemicals, plastics, petroleum products, grapes and rice, the commerce ministry said Friday.

It said that the ministry has identified and shared with Indian exporters and other stakeholders, specific items where the US would lose competitiveness in China and where India had an export potential and encouraged the exporters to seize this opportunity.

Several B2B meetings with Chinese buyers were facilitated through the Indian embassy in Beijing, it said in a statement.

"India’s exports to China have grown after several years. India is poised to achieve its highest ever exports to China this fiscal. Between April-December 2018, exports were $12.7 billion which is closer to last year's exports of $13.33 billion," it added.

It said the growth in the exports has been driven by marine products, organic chemicals, plastics, petroleum products, grapes and rice.

It also said that while some of India’s concerns have been addressed, more efforts are required for greater market penetration in China.

"India is hopeful of soon signing protocols for export of Indian soybean meals, cakes and pomegranates to China in the near future, as these are in advanced stages of discussion," it said.

It added that discussions are on with the Chinese side for early announcement of Chinese import quotas for sugar and rice for 2019 so that Indian exporters are able to plan their exports well in time.

"In light of US duties on Chinese products, similar steps have been taken with regard to Indian exports to the US also," the ministry said.


Source: Live Mint

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